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Our PASSION for your GROWTH and your RESULTS

Bart Goethals

Bart Goethals has more than 25 years of experience in assisting medium-sized SMEs, large companies and multinationals in various sectors in Belgium as well as abroad. He coaches, inspires and guides companies, teams and entrepreneurs.

Hands-on and with respect for the individuality of people and organizations.

Simple. Pure. Inspire. Bringing calmness and peace.

Important assets in these fascinating times...

What is the CLICKING approach?

Every company and every project is different so all projects deserve a personal approach. Here are some of the pillars on which the CLICKING approach is based to bring assignments to a successful conclusion in close cooperation with the client, to anchor the results achieved deep into the organization and to integrate continuous improvement as a 'second nature' system.

Whatever you do, do it with passion.

CLICKING = passion. With our drive and positive enthusiasm, we like to affect your entire organization.

Being happy to go to work, learning to manage positively, showing real interest and steering towards a goal-oriented, smarter way of scoring together are our passionate objectives.


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The word that says it all for everyone: respect.

We 'ARE' respect. It is the basis of every project, every collaboration, every coaching. From left to right, from top to bottom. Avoiding to judge and condemn, but help and grow positively and constructively. Tomorrow better than today.


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No standard projects
nor copy-paste.

A company is not a serial product. Respect for the individuality and the 'couleur locale' requires the necessary customization. Think global and act local is the motto. Furthermore, we guide the projects in a targeted way and in practice: in the market with the salespeople, with the operators on the production line, in the boardroom with the Management Team.


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In times when we are busy, rest and peace are essential.

An excess of projects, continuously rushing between meetings and deadlines, busy-busy-busy, insufficient correct communication. All too often this causes loss of sight of the essence: essentials become side issues and unfortunately also vice versa. CLICKING helps you maintain the right focus, flexible and agile, in a rational and systematic way.


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After the theory, the practice

Theory outlines a framework and gives direction, but is insufficient to guarantee results. CLICKING translates decisions into a practical plan of action and implements this plan by inspiring and coaching the employees to the desired result.


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Bring the result
and then hold on to it.

Our PASSION for your GROWTH and your RESULTS: the trademark of CLICKING. Our drive is diametrically opposed to non-committal. We systematically steer and guide towards the effective achievement of measurable results as well as securing results and solutions in the heart of the organization.


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