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ClickingDashboard® makes you take action in the right place at the right time

CLICKING is an expert in guiding and inspiring organizations in the development of a performance management system:
support in setting up the KPI's, setting the targets, monitoring and visualizing results and training users.

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Continuous improvement starts with MEASURING the right things and then DOING the right things with the data.

The first step is to determine which KPI's we want to follow up in which way. You already have KPI's and you want to let them 'live' more throughout the organization or you want to set up a KPI Performance management system?

Clicking guides or assists you in setting up and visualizing several KPI's up to and including a global and linked KPI system for multiple companies within a group, different branches, multiple departments.

Finally here is a professional yet end-user friendly tool for which you don't have to be a computer scientist yourself.

Personalized color charts

Intuitive buttons and dropdown menus personalize any chart in a snap:
• set target and alarm levels to automatically turn graphs green, orange or red.
• results from previous years are displayed via lines on filtered results with or without datatable underneath the graph.
• each graph can be saved as a pdf, an exported dataset can be edited in Excel.
• KPIs and users can be added, deleted, modified or deactivated at any time.

Automatic Clicking Scorecard
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• In addition to the Clicking Dashboard® charts that display one KPI, the tool also includes the Clicking Scorecard, which shows the results on multiple or all KPIs for the entire organization or a specific target group.
• same here, the green-orange-red colouring in function of the objectives, compared to the monthly objectives, period to date (PTD) and year to date (YTD), as well as compared to last year.
• The Clicking Scorecard can also be exported as a pdf, and can be used in a presentation or e-mail.

Why ClickingDashboard® ?

• 24/7 online available all-in-one tool for advanced Performance Management

• personal login and password for maximum confidentiality

• maximum flexibility for targeted allocation of user privileges per KPI and per variable of every KPI

• secure storage and backup on fast servers : your data is safe

• Maximum automation of data import possible (but not necessary) via web service

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